We build websites that stand out from the crowd.

A website is usually seen as the virtual ‘shop window’ to any business, meaning that it is often the first impression that you give off to your prospective customers. With this in mind, it is essential that your website is designed with your customers in your thought process. Nice, simple, easy, mobile friendly, SEO’d correctly, well written… You get the message – A well designed website can be the difference between your business doing well online, or not.

Our web designers create your website with not only your main desires, but with the thought of how your own customers will perceive your brand. This stems from not only the visual output (how you see it on screen, with fancy colours for branding), but with the correct copywriting to ensure that it’s easy to read by search engines such as Google as well as the client.

Website design has developed rapidly over the past 10 years for a number of reasons – trends move in and out of fashion, colours have moved from bold to pastel to opposites, and the movement of Google has ensured that only well-written copy gets ranked highly on their search engine. For these reasons, Social Heroes stays on top of the trends, as well as the demands of the ever-changing search engines to ensure that our clients get the upmost value for the service.

The websites that we build are created with three core purposes in mind:

  • Strategy – To include the customer story; making it easy for them to contact you.
  • Creativity – Ensuring the branding is well connected with your business, impressing your customers on their first impression.
  • Functionality – Not only for if you take payments, but for simplistic things such as contact forms being accessed by mobile phones. Your website must work well on every level.

Our website development is second to none.

Equal to our love of a perfectly designed website is our passion for expert website development.

It is easy to assume that a website designer can create a website of any kind by themselves. What is often not learnt, is the importance of web development and coding. Our developers are trained in languages such as PHP, CSS, Javascript, .NET, Python, C, C++, C#, Visual Basic, Ruby and good ‘ole HTML, which gives us a greater edge for when it comes to creating the website you love.

Our development skills don’t just stop at websites; in fact, we create customised mobile apps, WordPress plugins, website widgets, security features, email captures, databases and more.

E-Commerce site that are easy to use and convert more customers.

We’ve had the pleasure of working on plenty of websites over the past three years, including revamping old-styled e-commerce websites that are not optimised for mobile phones or tablets. By using a combination of our website designers and developers we create beautiful and easy to use websites that ultimately convert more visitors to customers, bringing you more money to your business.

Mobile friendly website design to capture your audience on the go.

The browsing of websites via tablets and mobile phones has increased steadily year on year since 2010, giving an indication as to where your customers are going to be in the near future – on their phones, more so than their laptops and computer screens. Not only this, but the great search engine algorithms of Google appear to be ranking mobile-friendly websites higher than websites that are not optimised for mobile usage.

With this in mind – we offer mobile friendly design as standard, at no extra cost.