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Why can’t my audience see my Facebook posts?

Why can’t my audience see my Facebook posts?

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For a lot of businesses, Facebook is becoming a key marketing tool. They are relying heavily on the reach of their posts to convert new customers and keep their sales high. However, the Facebook don’t always make it easy. They are continually making changes to their algorithms which lead to changes which either have a positive or a negative effect on a businesses’ Facebook stats. Many businesses are looking for the answer to the question ‘Why can’t my audience see my Facebook posts?’

The most recent algorithm appears to not favour businesses – and instead attempts to create a balance between what users see from their friends against what users see from businesses and organisations that they ‘like’.

They have made some key changes.

Firstly, they have prioritised content that is being posted by friends – which is bad news for businesses. This means that, when your audience scrolls down their News Feed, items that come from friends will appear higher than your businesses’ post will. As a result, this means that content that you are posting from your page will gain less reach than previously.

Secondly, and another blow for businesses, is that they have also reduced the importance of stories that feature friends liking or commenting on a post. Pushing these stories lower in the timeline means that your audience may not see a post that has been commented on by someone that they connect with on Facebook.

Finally, they have relaxed their ‘multiple post’ rule – which means that they now allow you to see multiple posts from the same source on the timeline which will actually be of benefit to brands, as users may be able to see more of your content this way.

So how can you alter your Facebook strategy to work with these changes?

Due to these changes, there’s a likelihood that businesses are suffering with decreased impressions and lower post reach than they had previously enjoyed. This will be worse for brands who have not developed a new social media strategy to combat Facebook’s new algorithm.

Initially, it’s important to realise that content will always remain key. Businesses need to ensure that they are posting relevant items that will appeal to their target audience. You need to be producing content that your Facebook fans will want to see and want to actively interact with.

You can encourage interactions through Like, Comment, and Share call-to-actions, but they shouldn’t be used constantly because Facebook’s algorithm can flag these items negatively if used too often. Instead of telling them to Like, Comment or Share you should be striving to create content that actively engages them and drives them to share.

Creating shareable content is perhaps the most essential part of the new Facebook strategy. Shares are now the most important way to ensure that people outside of your network will see your content. If you want to see how to create shareable Facebook content, you can see our blog post on this topic here.

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