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Where is my audience hiding?

Where is my audience hiding?

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How can you find your target demographic on social media?

Your audience is on social media. There’s almost no doubt about it. But where are they?

With the hundreds of unique channels available, each catering for a unique demographic, it can be difficult to find exactly where your target audience is ‘hanging out’.

In many cases, when starting out on social media, it can be a struggle to determine which platforms need the most attention and which should be ignored.

As a business, you should have a clear understanding about your target audience. You should know whether they’re primarily male or female, where they are located, what they are interested and how old they are. Once you know all of this, it’s easier to find them online.

Understanding a little more about each platform, and the audiences that they are attracting, may help you make the informed decisions to get smart with your social media presence.

Facebook has grown up
25 to 34 year olds, 65+

Facebook is traditionally misunderstood as something for ‘young’ people, out of place for brands who are targeting the older generations. This may have been true previously, however, the age group that is showing the biggest increase in the share of Facebook users in 2015 is those over 65 years old. That means that, for businesses aiming at older people, Facebook is still going strong.

As Facebook becomes simpler to use, the older generations are finding that it’s not as confusing as they once thought. They are using the platform primarily to keep in touch with older children and grandchildren, and are becoming receptive to the way that the platform works.

As well as those reaching over 65+, 25 to 34 year olds are still actively using the platform too, and there’s some good news for businesses – new research suggests that this demographic are actually searching for promotions online, and welcome seeing them on their feed. This group of people is the one that is most likely to make a purchase via a promotion that they have seen on Facebook, and so if you are a retail brand aiming at those over 25, Facebook is likely to be the way to go.

The younger generation is moving on
18 – 24 year olds

For brands who are targeting a more youthful population, the 18 – 24 year old millennials demographic, Facebook is becoming less important. To this age range, Facebook has lost its appeal and started to become ‘uncool’ as they are seeing statuses from grandparents wedged in between those of their peers. They are increasingly searching for some of the more dynamic platforms – with Instagram and Snapchat being popular alternatives.

These young people still have a Facebook account – and will still update it from time to time – but they are becoming less and less likely to use it.

Instead, if your business is targeting the 18 – 24 year old users, it is time to get creative and move out of the Facebook comfort zone that many businesses find themselves confined to. Trying new platforms and creating new content is often the only way to keep up with this net-native bunch. If your business is looking for this audience, it may be time to set up a Twitter account, and ensure that you know all that there is to know about Instagram – they’ll find you there soon enough.

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