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What Is Display Advertising?

What Is Display Advertising?

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In the evolving world of media, it can sometimes feel as if you are always two steps behind everyone else. Something that many people feel that they have ‘missed the boat’ with is the evolution of Display Advertising.

Display advertising is the process of using adverts in both text and video form (and perhaps even audio) on a website, helping businesses monetize their website traffic whilst advertisers make the most of the opportunity that that traffic brings.

When the concept was initially founded, the dual-benefit to both businesses and advertisers meant that many were eager to try it. However, the process itself was difficult and usually required lengthy negotiation directly with websites and advertisers – with negotiations taking place where premium space could be purchased on a cost-per-thousand basis. Some of the problems with this approach were a general drain on time and resources, and also the difficulty that many companies had in defining the right pages for the adverts – which meant that many advertisers paid money for space near content that wasn’t anywhere near relevant to their industry or target audience. Not only was this not great for advertisers at the time, many industry experts believe that it has led to many website visitors being sceptical of the adverts that they see advertised on websites.

However, luckily for digital marketers everywhere, Display advertising has developed since then and is now more sophisticated and successful than ever – and many are utilising the method to serve up adverts that fit with the context of the content on the pages that they are targeting. Now, advertisers can use real-time bidding to bid on ad space that they choose, based on advanced targeting of the audience of the visitors. Now advertisers can design an advert and create the content based on targeted metrics, meaning higher success rates.

As advertisers get to grips with Display advertising as a paid advertising method, there’s inevitably going to be further evolution and change – leading to better opportunity within the channel. For advertisers willing to experiment with the platform, there’s a lot to learn – without a clear idea of what a display advert should look like, many businesses are at risk of wasting their time and their marketing budget on Display adverts. However, for the ones that are mastering the technique and getting their adverts to the right audience, the benefits are sure to outweigh the negatives.

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