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You should be using AdWords extensions. Here’s why.

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Anyone using Google AdWords ultimately has one goal from their ads – whatever their campaign – and that goal is clicks. More relevant clicks, more timely clicks and more converting clicks. Most of the clients that we work with that have been running their own campaigns come to us to improve their PPC ad conversion rate. One way we do this is through the use of AdWords extensions. Advertisers, if you’re not using AdWords extensions yet – you should be.

Wait a minute… What are AdWords Extensions?
If you’re running your own AdWords campaigns, you’ll probably be very aware of the adverts that you see when running your own Google searches in every day life. Some of these ads will take up more space on your results screen than others – simply because they are utilising the AdWords Extensions feature.
AdWords Extensions allow you to give your ads the ability to display more information than an ad without extensions. Whether you are looking to add key product features, highlights, review information, testimonials or locations to your ads – these are a great way to do it.

Okay… but why should I use them?
AdWords extensions work for every type of AdWords user. If your ads are doing incredibly well without the extensions, it can’t hurt to add them to see if they have an even greater impact on your audience. If your ads aren’t doing very well without them, add them on and see whether it makes a marked improvement. We’d hazard a guess that in most cases, extensions will improve you PPC ad campaign – and ultimately bring you in more business.

There are some key reasons why AdWords extensions work so well. Here are just a few of them below:

1) They increase your ad visibility
There’s a simple fact why using ad extensions works for many advertisers – and that’s just because providing them with more information makes them larger, and therefore it makes them stand out from the others straight away. If you’re unsure, take a look on your Google search page and see which ads draw your attention more – we’re guessing it’s one including extensions because naturally, the largest ads draw the eye.

2) Extended ads see better click through rates
The extended ads provide additional ways for searchers to learn more about your business, and to interact with the advert that they are seeing. Having extensions set up correctly will allow searchers to go directly to a specific service page related to their search, or allow them to call you directly from the ad itself. They allow your user to see the most information that you can give them, and are bound to capture more clicks in that way than if you were just showing un-extended ad information.

3) They show the right info, at the right time
Your ad extensions will provide your searcher with a specific page or specific information – like reviews – if you set up extensions in the correct way. That reduces the amount that they have to search around before ultimately purchasing or getting in touch – so you should lose less traffic by having a more streamlined user journey.

4) They drive better, more relevant traffic
When you use ad extensions, you have more of a chance to show your users what they are expecting when they click through – providing them with a better overall experience, and directing more useful traffic. You will waste less money on non-converting traffic if users can see clearly what to expect from your product or service on the advert.

5) And finally… your ad extensions don’t cost any extra money!
Setting up ad extensions on your ads is free, so you’re still charged the same amount whether they click on your ad headline or your ad extension. That means that you can have more clicks for your money, and get the best value out of your PPC ad conversions.

If you want to make the most out of all that Ad Extensions have to offer – but don’t quite know where to start, Social Heroes can help. We are specialists in PPC advertising across a range of mediums, and work with clients across the globe to achieve the maximum opportunity from their PPC budgets. Get in touch with us today to find out more.

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