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Jumping on the social bandwagon, Twitter has recently made a drastic change to the way that it has always worked – with the implementation of the new ‘like’ button, in the shape of a heart.

In the same vein as Facebook and Instagram, the microblogging site wanted a symbol that had a more traditionally understandable and universal meaning – a symbol that can be used to portray emotion in a way that the favourite button could not.

If you’ve used the social livestreaming app, Periscope, you’ll recognise the heart that has begun to roll out on desktop, Android and iOS devices now.

In a recent blog, Twitter explained the new feature: “We want to make Twitter easier and more rewarding to use, and we know that at times the star could be confusing, especially to newcomers. You might like a lot of things, but not everything can be your favourite.”

That’s great but… why do we care?

What does all of this mean for Marketers or small businesses using the Twitter platform for their social marketing? Here at Social Heroes, we think there’ll be one key element of change – and it’s a positive one. We believe that there is a possibility that the heart icon will increase the interactions that your tweets get on the platform, with this rise in engagement due to the fact that the heart makes it easier than ever to interact with an individual tweet.

“Favourite” as a term is far more defined than a love heart, and it may have put some of the users off. Liking as an option is less defined, and may open up a wider opportunity for more users to engage with a tweet on their own personal level. For example, one user may be able to ‘heart’ the tweet to show that they think it’s cute, and one may be able to ‘heart’ the tweet as a show of sympathy. Another user may use a ‘heart’ to show that they think that a tweet is humorous, whilst another may mean it to act in place of a hug or another gesture.

The umbrella of opportunity underneath the heart is plenty – and we’re excited to see the impact that the seemingly small change has on our results. We’re thinking heightened engagement rates and, by definition, a lot more love on Twitter.


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Shauna is the Head of Content for Social Heroes. She has spent several years spearheading PR campaigns for giant companies in the North of the UK with incredible results.

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