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The ultimate in time wasting – websites perfect for procrastination

The ultimate in time wasting – websites perfect for procrastination

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Slow day at work? Lazy Sunday on the cards? Time wasting needed? Whether you’ve got upcoming deadlines to avoid or simply had plans rained off, it’s likely that you’ll spend a lot of your time staring at your screen attempting to procrastinate your way through the day.

We’ve put together a list of our favourite sites to completely waste a day on, You’re welcome!


There’s just something humanity loves about lists. Even better; lists with GIFs. Because of its popularity, even the comment section can act as an independent source of entertainment. Serious news story bringing you down? Some joker will have unleashed an uplifting pun. As you scroll down a list of the best dog videos of the year, more articles taunt you at the side of the screen. It would be rude to not at least click one, right? Except there are more accompanying that. A failing device battery is the only escape rope. Your time is successfully wasted and, as news will always be beaten by pictures of kittens, it’s unlikely you’ll finish your digital adventure with anything resembling knowledge…


Well, it’s an app, but it still counts. Funnily enough, Tinder finds itself regularly popping up as a display of hilarity on other popular websites. Why take everyone else’s word for it when you could turn swiping right into being a potential internet star? Note: nobody remembers Tinder troublemakers. Your cutting response to a request for nudes will not be something worthy of being carved on your gravestone. Don’t let that put you off, though. It will still act as a distraction from whatever important deadline just the same.


Imagine the scenario- you’re obsessed with a TV show or film franchise but there is no way you can justify watching it for the seventh time in four days. In fact, you probably don’t have to imagine it. We’re supposed to be in a second golden age of TV. Luckily, David Karp created Tumblr in 2007. If the nonstop GIFs, screen caps and fan theories grow tiresome, there is plenty more browsing to do. On a personal crusade for social justice? Someone else is too. Fancy reading a story that is most likely untrue but hilarious nonetheless? You typed in the right URL. Users will cater to your every need.

That being said, there is a serial killer fandom – as well as some very graphic Game of Thrones fan fiction – out there, so tread carefully.


“I wonder how that annoying girl from school is doing. Ooh, not very well. To celebrate my own evident success, I’ll dedicate a chunk of my time to scouring her profile”. A superiority complex can be so addictive. However, as many users are young and still talk to their classmates, there need to be other enticing factors. Facebook’s main weapon is the maze of clickbait. One friend likes LadBible and suddenly their updates are plastered all over your newsfeed. Before you know it, your morning has gone up in a smoke of consistent judging and partial disbelief that people are really falling for that ‘Zombies uprising’ satire again.


C’mon, you’ve wasted a day on there. In fact, you’ve probably wasted at least five. After all, cats just won’t stop doing stupid things and it’s increasingly rare that nobody in the vicinity has access to a camera. Over 300 hours of content is uploaded to YouTube every minute, so there’s certainly enough to wile away an afternoon. Of course, it’s not merely comprised of shaky phone footage of cats in baths – music artists are somewhat reliant on it for broadcasting their work worldwide. People garner genuine fame and enviable incomes from daily updates. Surely an argument could be made for YouTube being a solution to terrible daytime TV? We’d back it.


It’s a surprise entry because it is so commonly used to solve the question “who’s that?” (hint: probably someone you saw in an episode of CSI, Neighbours or Doctor Who). However, there are message boards down there and people sure do get defensive about their favourite shows. Even for those without accounts, there are hours of entertainment to be had from militant fans and persistent trolls. The entertainment industry makes even more entertainment even after the films stop rolling it seems.

Cards Against Humanity

For some reason, this just seems more appropriate when the sky is darker outside. Perhaps this is your go to when you’ve already wasted your day on some of the above. You’re innocently time wasting on an evening, but sometimes it begs for a shadier element and that’s where Cards comes in. To make it even better- your friends can get in on your procrastination! Gather round the computer screen and collectively decide on the most vulgar response to a placed card. Chances are you’ll discover just how twisted our mind is. It’s not just time wasting, it’ a journey of self discovery.


Admit it, you’ve lost whole days to this. “Just one episode” quickly descends into “it’s a shame they cancelled that series because now I’ve got to scour this digital library before tomorrow”. Netflix is likely responsible for a few collapsed businesses, bringing with it the realisation working from home takes dedication and a will of steel. Once you start Netflix, you don’t stop until there’s nothing left.

Have you wasted your time on any of these websites lately? Do you have any others to add to this list?

Written by Zoe Williamson, @zoehwilliamson.

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