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Stand out or stand down

Stand out or stand down

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Over two million blog posts are published every day. That’s a lot of content, and a lot of competition. In the race to beat the opposition there’s only one solution: you must stand out or you may as well stand down.

No one wants to read the same posts, with slight variation on wording, every day. Readers are getting increasingly tired of the cliché, over-done posts and writing the same copy as everyone else is likely to make them think that your blog is boring and your brand is dull too.

Social Heroes have put together some quick tips to help you plan and create unique content for your business blog, page or website.

Interests are interesting
It’s likely that your business blog has become quite sterile, filled with useful top ten lists and customer case studies, and that each post has been carefully thought out and discussed before it has been published. Whilst this is okay, and will be useful to some people, it’s also likely to be incredibly boring.

Instead of the same types of posts, you need to be writing about your company – your unique personality and your passions need to shine through in your content.

Whilst it’s true that writing for an audience is a key factor of content creation – it also needs to be said that, when writing for an audience and an audience alone, the blogs from you and your competitors are all likely to be exactly the same and your audience is bound to move on from your blog if it isn’t offering anything that competitors aren’t.

To avoid repeating the same posts over and over again, or to avoid posting the same items your competitors, consider using some of your businesses’ unique passions and interests in some posts to make you stand out. If your beauty brand cares about animal welfare, then make sure that you find the time to write about it. If your restaurant supports the shop local movement, and cares passionately about sourcing local produce, then state your case on your blog.

Writing about the things that you are passionate about occasionally will ensure that you consistently have unique items to write, which will help you to stand out amongst the barrage of similar posts. It will also help to showcase your personality and your branding to your potential customers, which, in turn, will increase their affinity with your brand.

Get your readers involved
User generated content is the future. Whilst it’s not easy to get, great user generated content is likely to be fresh and exciting – because it comes from users who are most likely passionate about your brand, who are interacting with your brand and interested in contributing to your overall success. User generated content is not possible for every type of business – there are many that it won’t work for simply because the brand affinity is not there – but the right brand, with the right marketing strategy, will be able to use user generated content to their advantage.

Another great way to make sure that you are posting unique content that will suit your audience is to actively ask the audience what they would like to see from you. Often, regular blog readers will appreciate the chance to ask their questions and receive an answer. It’s really simple to ask them, too: add a quick note in a newsletter or post an announcement on your website encouraging them to submit topics or questions for you to write about in the future.

The lightbulb
If you are struggling to write about your passions, or finding it impossible to encourage user generated content, then it’s time to go and search for some inspiration. To write unique content, you must first have the idea itself.

It is useful to take a look at the news and current affairs to see if there is anything relevant amongst that to discuss within your content. It’s also a good idea to take a look at industry examples or search through relevant keywords for inspiration.

Most of the time, a great idea forms from someone else’s great idea. If you can find a unique angle, an additional point or a way to develop an idea that they already had, then you have a unique post in the making and your content marketing is likely to stand out and be a success.

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