“Social Heroes have provided tangible results from the start. They find clients, deal with enquiries and uphold our reputation consistently. They are truly great at what they do.” | Neil Simmons, Owner, Niton Barns
Find new customers

Finding new customers is an essential part of any business. That’s why we put emphasis on assisting you to learn the best ways on how to find new customers using social media management tools and platforms. Over the past 5 years, we’ve been able to find hundreds, if not thousands of previously unknown contacts for our clients.

Protect your company reputation

Without a good reputation, finding new customers will be difficult. We’ve all heard the stories about how using social media for business can be a tricky affair, so using case studies of how some of the most successful companies in the world use social media management and aligning their methods with your own business model, we will teach you how to create and maintain a strong reputation for your business.

See what people say about your brand

We provide a number of easy routes that give complete visibility of what people are saying about your brand across all social channels through hashtags, mentions and simply amongst their peers. Then, we help you to create and distribute relevant and powerful content that engages with your audience and builds lasting client relationships.

Make efficiencies and save money

Depending on your business’s size and ambitions, social media management doesn’t have to be a full-time position. We have found numerous ways to become more efficient with how social media is handled in-house and will work with you to not only trim down the time it takes to handle social media enquiries and messages as they happen but also how to create super-effective and detailed campaigns.

Find your Return on Investment

Finding a solid return on investment with something as ‘intangible’ as social media can give most people a headache. We provide our clients with a series of techniques and free software that helps them to find the financial return of using social media management that previously they couldn’t. USEFUL TIP: You can use our ROI calculator on other areas of your marketing, too!

Stay ahead of your competition

With over 10,000 hours of work & research and 300+ businesses helped we can confidently say that if you use Social Heroes, you can outbox your competition. Our consultants do not just specialise in social media, but in wider-range marketing techniques that can help bring your company head and shoulders above any rival company.