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Social Heroes’ Top Marketing Trends for 2016

Social Heroes’ Top Marketing Trends for 2016

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Every year here in Social Heroes HQ, we sit and discuss the biggest marketing trends for Digital Marketing over the current year – and we make sure that we’ve got them firmly on our radar to make the most out of them for our clients.

This year has been no different, and we’ve decided to share with you some of our predictions for Digital Marketing innovation and further marketing trends for this 2016.

Everything’s the same – but changing
When we look back at our discussions about these marketing trends over the past two or three years, a series of key themes emerge every single time. Mobile optimisation, social media marketing and using data to ensure clever personalisation for customers.

These items recur time and time again because they continue to evolve – with their capabilities for businesses enhancing with each year that goes by. From personalisation used in subject lines to entire emails of personalised dynamic content, from stackable mobile webpages to fully mobile designed websites. Marketers are always playing catch up with new technologies and innovations -but the focus remains the same across these three areas.

More, more, more mobile
We say it every single year: “This year is the year for mobile!”, and every year we’re right. The capabilities and the scope for mobile marketing continues to grow and grow. Whether it’s a website created with mobile responsive design, whether it’s a mobile only advertising campaign, or even an SMS campaign – this year is all about capturing customers exactly where they are the most, and for many across the world, that’s their smartphone.

Making it Personal
Customers are getting cleverer and cleverer, which means that marketers have to be too. A one size fits all approach will not work in 2016, and its time for marketers to use the data that they have available at their fingertips to send customers real, personalised messages that show them products or services that suit them directly.

Instead of having a standard process, you need to be thinking about ways that you can take a user journey and personalise it for different actions taken on your website. Think about your abandoned baskets procedure, your pre and post-purchase communications and even your engagement generation pieces like your newsletters.

Giving your customers personalised information that works directly for them will not only increase your conversion rates, but increase their engagement and overall perception of your brand.

Keeping all of the above in mind, it’s clear to see why personalisation strategies are at the forefront of our minds this year.

Social gets more social
Last year, it was about social advertising. The capabilities and the advanced targeting, and the ability to track every step of the user journey in minute detail. This year, with adverts being more and more competitive with every passing month as businesses across the world realise the benefits of social advertising, there’s going to be further developments with talk of social buying buttons being integrated into Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for businesses to utilise.

As with anything, we’ll have to wait for the roll out to see exactly how effective they are – however, with the landscape of social selling of last year to go from, here at Social Heroes, we think that they’re going to be a game changer.

Do you have any predictions for Marketing Trends this year? If you do, let us know in the comments below!


Above all, deliver a great, consistent marketing experience that shows you really know your customers and what they want.

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