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Increase your business and engage your audience by leveraging personalisation

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Competition in Digital Marketing is through the roof – and it’s getting harder and harder to stand out from the crowd and reach your customers. There’s a shift in how consumers are behaving, and more now than ever tailored and personalised content is the key to capturing attentions.

For some consumers, every moment they have is spent using some kind of screen – smartphones, tablets, computers and workplaces. Regularly, readers find themselves exposed to even more content than ever before from potentially thousands of brands. If you want to keep capturing your customers, then you need to be attracting them with the right content.

To begin with, you need to realise that just as you are trying to fight for your audience’s attention, your audience are getting wiser and wiser to brands that are fighting for their time.

So how do you deal with this? As a brand, you need to start working with personalisation. You need to tailor your content to your audience.

So how do you do this? Here are just two things that you can start doing right away to ensure that you’re using personalisation to the best of your ability and the success of your business.

Engaging your Email Lists
Personalisation will ensure a more engaged email lists – of that we’re sure. When audiences like what you’re sending to them, they’ll find a way to keep you in their mind and they’ll spend more time interacting with your content. Hopefully, they’ll even search for more by subscribing to another newsletter, or finding you on social media, too.

You need to think about how relevant your newsletter is to the audience that you’re sending it to. Do they have location based segments, do they contain content based on their behaviour? Make sure your audiences have something in their inbox from you that they want to read about, and engage with, by finding out about your audience and creating content for them based on this.

Personalised Call To Actions
We all know how essential a great Call To Action is. Showing your audience the next step that they need to take is the only way to really guarantee that they will do this.

Improve your CTA’s by optimising them to your audience – by creating them based on your audience’s unique interests, goals, needs and wants. Personalise them, and watch how your conversion rates increase. The more your CTAs hook your audience, the more effective they’re likely to be.

How do you start?
You may be able to understand the above – and see how these techniques will increase the benefits to your business – but it’s not overly simple to do without the right guidance. You firstly need to organise your entire database of contacts and see the information that you can get from your data – work out which of your form fields you have collected and ensure that you have the ability to personalise based on them. It’s not overly easy to spot which data items you’ll need to create a good media strategy and personalise it, but with the right help you can see these techniques help your business succeed.

You don’t have to be a huge business to benefit from personalisation, and the small businesses in many cases will be able to speak to their customers on an even more personal level. If you’d like to get started, speak to Social Heroes today. We can help you create a personalisation strategy that helps you stand out from the crowd and really get to know your audience.

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Shauna is the Head of Content for Social Heroes. She has spent several years spearheading PR campaigns for giant companies in the North of the UK with incredible results.

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