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Is your business Facebook page set up for success?

Is your business Facebook page set up for success?

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Currently, Facebook has over 1.39 billion active users, per month, across the globe. This statistic ensures that Facebook is one of the best places to find new leads and develop communities for your brand. Whilst there are a wide range of online marketing techniques and platforms available to businesses – each one suiting different business needs – Facebook is almost a constant, and should not be forgotten about by any business. Due to the sheer size of its user base it’s guaranteed that at least some of your target audience will be on Facebook – so you need to be, too.

However, with every business having that idea, it’s becoming incredibly difficult for a business to stand out amongst the crowd. Adding to the mix is that Facebook is consistently changing their algorithm to suit the needs of their users – which means that business owners need to be continually learning and adjusting to entice their audiences. Not only do you need to ensure that your posts are being seen by your audience, but that the overall engagement of them is high too.

Here are a few tips, to help you make the most of your Facebook page.

About Section

Your ‘About’ section is the first thing that your visitors will look at when looking for further information, therefore you need to ensure that every applicable part of this is filled in comprehensively and correctly – outdated information, websites and phone numbers is a surefire way to stop any potential customers in their tracks. Your ‘About’ section also serves another purpose: it shows visitors to your page exactly what to expect from the page, and is a good place to show your brand personality, tone and main brand or company ethos.


Photos are a quick way of sending a lot of relevant information to your audience – great branding will send the right message. Make sure that you have a profile picture and cover photo, as well as ensuring that they are clear (not pixelated!) and relevant to your business.

Just a year ago, photo posts used to be the most popular form of Facebook post. However, in a twist common to the online world, they have now found themselves at the bottom of the pecking order – replaced by a more engaging, interactive medium: the video.


Video, video, video. The social media sphere has been overtaken by videos in the past year – with many of the big platforms adjusting their algorithms to favour this content in users’ news feeds. Facebook is no exception and therefore, for a successful Facebook post, perhaps consider creating and posting a video.

Facebook users must note that videos that are posted to Facebook directly, rather than through a social media management client like Hootsuite, will more than likely look and perform better. Videos native to Facebook are appearing to get more reach and wider share rates.

Share, Share, Share!

Once you’ve got the adequate profile, and you’re posting the right content, you need to start making sure that people see it. You want to be encouraging your users to share your content so that their friends can see your posts too and you can widen your reach. You need to influence sharing on your posts, and you can do this by posting information that your users will find entertaining, humorous, or useful. Another great way is through competitions, which usually receive really high engagement and sharing rates.

Facebook Ads

Finally, it doesn’t matter how great your Facebook page is, if your audience cannot see it. You need to reach out and really connect with your target audience – and Facebook has brilliant customisation features within their ad creation tools to really target the audience that you need. These Facebook adverts are a unique and invaluable way to promote brand awareness and connect with customers on a range of objectives – and they can be fixed entirely around your budget so it suits both a large and a small business. If you want to expand your reach, and see real results on your Facebook page, you need to be exploring the potential of Facebook ads.

If you need help with your Facebook page – from set up and training, through to content and posting, as well as expertise to help you make the most out of your advertising budget, Social Heroes are here to help. Contact us today, or visit our website for more information.


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