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How to create shareable Facebook posts

How to create shareable Facebook posts

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There’s nothing like posting something and watching the likes and shares rocket. It’s the whole reason that businesses post on Facebook – to try and get their business seen by as many people as possible. People generally share content that stirs up an emotion: content that makes them laugh, content that makes them cry, or content that agrees with their overall morals or opinions. With Facebook’s newest algorithm updates reducing the number of stories that are shown within the New Feed, businesses now have to work harder than ever to get their content seen by people outside of their current network of friends.

This blog post aims to discuss some of the easiest ways to create shareable content on Facebook.

Why do shares matter?

Shares are the only real way to reliably get your posts seen by people who aren’t already interacting with your brand. However, there’s a more effective way of getting people to share your content then simply demanding them to do so with a capitalised ‘Share this’ command in every single post.

The only way to really ensure that your content is going to be shared by many, is making sure that the content that you are posting is good. If your content doesn’t inspire people to share it with their friends, no amount of ‘Share this’ commands are going to help. You need to look at your content strategy (or build one) and focus on the target audience whilst you do so.

There are some content types that generally receive more shares:

Make your audience gasp, laugh or cry

As mentioned in the introduction to this blog post, content that makes your audience feel something is likely to trigger people to share content. According to a study by Buzzsumo, the emotions that you are aiming to evoke for the most shares are awe, laughter and overall amusement. If you think about the content that you have shared, and seen shared, over the past few months – it’s likely to have fallen into one of those categories. So aim for this within your own strategy – find a humorous image, an awe-inspiring quote or a case study from a staff member which is likely to tug on the heartstrings of your viewers, and watch as your shares go through the roof.

Give them knowledge

Everyone has seen something on the internet that they had never previously considered, from great ways to save money through to creative ways to cook eggs, the internet is a goldmine of knowledge. Informational content, such as innovative ways to use your product, a statistic about a current event, or even some insider information can see a high share rates when done correctly. Infographics also work incredibly well, due to their pleasurable visuals and rich information content – but they cannot be ‘boosted’ on Facebook because of the 20% text rule.

Tell them a story

Audiences respond incredibly well to story content – and often share these with their network of friends. Real content which comes from real people is more likely to be relatable to your audiences and therefore case studies are a great way of really engaging your audiences. For example, you could post a case study of one of your customers, saying how your product has really benefitted their lives. This is a technique that is currently working really well for some of the bigger brands, and you will see it often from companies such as Boots or Mothercare.

Invite them to join in

Businesses on Facebook often forget that their audiences are people – reducing them down to numbers, demographics and buyers. In doing so, they are forgetting that they need to interact with their audience as much as possible to build their brand loyalty and also encourage shares. People online are often looking for a place to share their opinion on something, to add their knowledge to a comment stream on a popular issue. Therefore, they will appreciate your brand giving them the chance to do so. Interactive posts – such as quizzes, fill in the blank or question posts – are likely to receive more shares.

Keep it real
One thing that brand managers and marketers have discovered over the past few years, as social media has evolved, is that users are now able to see through the marketing clichés and favour content that is more ‘real’. Facebook profiles which simply share downloaded stock images, or glossy advert graphics, are likely to be losing out on the share rates of their more down-to-earth competitors. Sharing real content – images from an event, images taken that day. The rule for keeping it real in your Facebook posts is to post images that appear to capture a moment as it happens rather than finding its way through a hundred filters and a photoshop expert first. Your viewers will thank you for it, and be more likely to share these posts because of the ‘organic’ feel that they have.

Try adding some of these content types to your next content plan, and see if they work for you.

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