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How can your business make the most out of Instagram?

How can your business make the most out of Instagram?

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“This app is going to change everything!”

We’ve heard it all before. In fact, we hear it almost every week. But often it’s not true. Thousands of new apps are released each day and the truth is that most of them don’t ever reach success, or if they do, they only remain long enough to have been a fad.

Instagram, however, is different. Initially launched in 2010, it still remains a must-have for brands looking to maximise on their social media. In fact, it has been rapidly growing since its launch and 2015 is set to become its most popular year yet.

Some companies have started to learn how to make the most out of the photo-sharing app and we’ve shared some tips below, so that you can too:

  1. Who are you? Fill out your profile with the relevant information. You should keep it simple and include your website – because links work in the description portion of the profile. Then you should add in a brief description of your brand or company. This is a quick reference guide for anyone who comes across your profile – and a blank space is likely to send them off in another direction instead of staying to find out more.
  2. Don’t let your followers forget about you by letting your profile gather dust. If you can help it, try not to go more than a few days between each post – if you can add great photos frequently, you’re more likely to be successful that way.
  3. Take your photos outside. Whether you’re based on the Island or off it, the place you’re based is likely to have interesting items or beautiful scenery to make the most of. If you’re based on the beach, show your followers the view – it’ll make you unique and will add some variety to your feed. Also, it will help your customers feel as if they know you better – which is essential online.
  4. #Utilise hashtags. Learning how to use hashtags will change your marketing forever. Using them to find relevant businesses, customers and events will allow you to start interacting with your target audience simply and easily. Liking their photos, replying to interesting captions and engaging in conversation is likely to lead you to enthusiastic people who will develop an affinity with your brand – you never know how important that could be for your business until you try it!Another great tip, if you’re really growing in popularity, is that it can be really effective to create a hashtag specifically for your business – that way, your customers can use this to talk about you, talk to you and repost your photos to their network of friends.
  5. You can use editing apps to make your photos more effective. If you’re tired of sticking to the same set of filters, or you want to add text or graphics to any images (which can be great when advertising a competition!) then you can move away from Instagram’s editor and have a look at some of the abundance of photo apps that are currently operating. Here are some great examples of apps to try; Over will let you add text; Diptic, InstaCollage, PicStich all let you make a collage out of photos when you can’t choose between them all and Instasize will let you break out of the Instagram size box and allow you to use the entire photo. It’s worth experimenting with to see what works for your brand.
  6. #No #Stop.Whilst we mentioned how useful hashtags can be in tip number four, you must keep in mind that hashtags should always be kept relevant and to a minimum. There’s nothing that says ‘desperate’ like three hundred irrelevant hashtags. Whilst it might increase your view rate, it’s not likely to reach the right people and will most probably turn off any of your genuine followers so you should avoid doing it if you really want to make the most out of Instagram.
  7. View your stats. There are a range of sites out there that can help you track your Instagram statistics and you should be using them. There’s little point in putting time and effort into anything if you can’t visibly tell if it’s working or not. You can use the results to work out which types of photos work best and which posting times result in the best performance, and then you can change your marketing based on that information to make it more successful.

Instagram can seem tricky at first, but it’s important. If your brand wants to reach a young and affluent audience, Instagram is soon becoming the only way.

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