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How can you use Periscope to build your online community?

How can you use Periscope to build your online community?

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What is Periscope?

In late March, Twitter introduced its new live-streaming video app which allows you to watch and broadcast live video from your mobile phone. The capabilities are endless – meaning that you can switch between watching your friend’s baby take those daunting first steps from miles away, to watching a celebrity performing in Hollywood with the click of a button.

How can we use it?

Firstly, Periscope is incredibly simple to use – meaning that you can capture and share a live event with friends, or potential customers with no editing required. Periscope allows you to then save the video, for watching at a later date.

Now that video has begun to dominate the marketing and communication methods this year, Periscope is a great way to simplify the creation process and utilise the medium for your business. There are several ways that Periscope is already being utilised by the big brands, and here are several ways in which you can follow suit.

Let them see through your eyes…

The app allows you to really connect with you community on a personal level through live-streaming and gives you a unique opportunity to show your customers something through your own eyes. Due to this unique insight into your world, your viewers are likely to be interested. They are also able to talk about your video as it streams – as Periscope’s features allow them to add comments talking to you and one another. You can even save your live streamed event and have people watch it when you’re really offline, so the engagement can continue beyond the constraints of live streaming. That personal, live connection is something that would be difficult to achieve in different online formats.

Access honest, real-time feedback

One of the most exciting elements of Periscope is the way that viewers are able to change the sequence of events as they take place. For example, if you are running a product demonstration, consumers may ask specific questions and you can answer these in real-time. This may take the planned broadcast in a different trajectory, but this can be exceedingly positive for you – allowing you to talk about things that are based particularly on your viewers’ wants and needs.

Periscope is very immediate, and accessible through a mobile, and therefore it allows you to take your stream to a group of people who are ready and receptive at a time which is most suitable for them. They are able to join the stream at any time and are likely to offer opinions and honest feedback, therefore, Periscope enables you to get a real time understanding of your community, and understanding is essential for growing a community and building your brand.

Behind the scenes

Perhaps the most bizarre thing about Periscope is the way that it is already being used. Mostly, it’s used to show followers some of the most boring and mundane tasks taking place, such as the drive to work or running the bath. There is even a popular stream which shows people the contents of a fridge.

Of course, as a business owner, your customers aren’t really going to be interested in what is hiding inside your fridge – but they will be interested in a range of other things: your office interior, the view from your window, a company event or a showcase of new products in use. If you can find a relevant and interesting way to engage your audience in the real-time, you are likely to be able to build relationships with those customers in the hope of promoting more brand-loyalty.

The future

Online, apps come and go as they rise to popularity and then fall back into obscurity, and so Periscope may disappear over the next few months, taking its place next to MySpace and the others in the social media graveyard, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be using it.

Currently it’s the new ‘big thing’ and your brand should be using its unique functions to make the most of the online exposure and community building opportunity that it offers. Due to its nature, Periscope will give you a unique insight into some of the lives, opinions and interests of your key audiences, which can only benefit you and your business, and, not only that, but experimenting with the app is quick and easy, and it may be interesting to try something new.

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