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Getting yourself prepared for the Christmas rush

Getting yourself prepared for the Christmas rush

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It’s now that time of year again. The big brands have released their Christmas adverts, and the special offers are rolling in. Is your business ready?

When it comes to getting your Christmas strategy in order, there’s no time like the present (excuse the pun!). You need to define your key products and your pricing, and you need to work out exactly how you are going to package them – before you even consider your marketing campaigns.

It’s a great time to look at your year and see exactly what’s been working for you. Take your most popular products and work out exactly how you’re going to show these to your customers in a new and exciting way for the competitive Christmas period.

Pricing and Special Offers
Usually, Christmas products come with some sort of sweet deal – it is the season for giving, after all. Customers will be expecting a promotion – a 10% discount, a buy one get one free, something value added. For those who aren’t offering these, it might be a good idea to think these through. Customers are deal hunting, after all, they’re having to spend a lot in one month. At this time of year, when many gifts are needed to be bought, price point speaks louder than almost anything else. Work out within your business where you can slash pricing and introduce some special offers.

Audience Targeting
Once you’ve defined your pricing, it’s time to think about your Audience and where you’re going to find them and what messages you’re going to send them. Are you sending your christmas messaging to segmented audiences or the whole lot? You’ll also need to define whether you’re selling your product as a gift, or as a treat for themselves. Often, with all of the product advertising taking place around the Christmas period, certain customers will simply want to treat themselves – especially at the end of the November period. If you can, it may be worth creating two messages – one for people buying as gifts, and one for people that may be looking to buy for themselves.

Define your Marketing Tactics
Once you’ve defined your products and agreed on pricing, as well as defined your key discounts for November, December and the last minute Christmas rush – it’s time to think about how you’re going to market these.

Start by working on your key message and aligning your marketing with the Christmas theme across design, copy and web. Whether you pick a different colour scheme, come up with an interesting Christmas character, or simply show your product packaged as a gift – the visuals, combined with the right message, will be key this season. With the larger brands like John Lewis, Sainsbury’s and Marks and Spencer continually upping their Christmas game, your customers are getting used to seeing Christmas with no holds barred.

Try to avoid standard Christmas cliché, but also make the holiday season message clear and consistent across all platforms.

When it comes to Christmas as a consumer and as a business, one thing is the same: preparation is everything. Start now, if you haven’t already, to capture as much as you can around the Christmas season.


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