Years ago it was the norm to flyer drop to thousands of homes, put weekly advertisements in the local newspapers and magazines, pay for radio coverage, and hope to get a small slot on TV; all with very little knowledge on what works and what doesn’t, with extremely little chance of a solid return on investment.

Nowadays, with the emergence and hyper-growth of social media, Facebook advertising has become on of the most effective and staple advertising techniques for businesses of all types across the world.

If you’re unsure of what types of audiences we can reach, here’s a small list of just a few of the most popular searches when looking at Facebook advertising:

  • Age groups
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Individuals who ‘like’ competitors pages
  • Financial income levels
  • Relationship status types
  • Career Types
  • Home owners
  • General interests

No longer do you need to budget thousands of pounds every time you’re looking to promote a new product or service – you can now reach thousands of individuals on their mobile phones, tablets and desktop computers for very little indeed.

Social Heroes work with you to determine what you’d like to promote, where you’d like to promote it, and what demographic of the marketplace you’d like to promote it to!