Email design

We work with you to decide on a design style for your emails. The key to a great design is to be innovative, but not so different that the end user would get confused by the layout. A great design is the first step to successful email marketing.

Email content

After receiving our brief from you, our expert content creators write beautiful, flowing content that reads as though it is spoken off the tongue. We also ensure to make a compelling call to action (CTA) following a ‘marketing hook’ to establish desire, buyers intent, and ultimately increase your conversions.

Custom images

Our experienced and extremely talented design team will create custom images for your email marketing campaign should you see fit. Lets face it – there’s nothing worse than a boring email that has had little thought go in to it. Adding beautiful colourings, shapes and logos will again, assist in boosting your conversions and click through rates (CTR).

A/B testing

On occasion, we work with clients who have thousands of email addresses of individuals and businesses they are targeting, and have several ideas for how a particular email should look. From here, we tend to design a number of variant styles for those emails and distribute them evenly, feeding back the results for each ‘batch’. The results from A/B testing are then used as the primary template moving forward to garter the best results.

Multivariate testing

Similar to A/B testing, multivariate testing uses the same core mechanisms, but compares a higher number of variables. These variables can vary from images, colours, content and call to actions – amongst more.

UTM tracking

If your email has multiple options for people to select, it’s best to use UTM codes to assist when checking your results as to what link each person clicked. This is fantastic for all campaigns, not just companies who have lists of thousands of contacts. It also enables you to see what your audience feels is more important. We feed this back to you as part of our service.