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Which of my Email Marketing Metrics should I pay attention to?

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When it comes to email marketing, how do you know what you need to be tracking? We often find that people often spend a long time working on an attractive HTML template for their emails, spend forever building their lists and segmenting them, take an age to write perfect content and a killer subject line, and then they ignore perhaps the most critical part of the whole process – the analytics.
Not measuring exactly how your emails are doing ensures that you can never learn what works and what doesn’t, and you cannot inform your strategy to improve next time.

Here at Social Heroes, we’ve worked out the top email marketing metrics that every email marketer should be tracking to ensure success.

Check your Clickthrough Rate
You need to know exactly which percentage of email recipients are clicking on your links, helping you easily determine split test results, changes in your email performance over time, and immediately separates a successful email from an unsuccessful one.

Then check your Conversion Rate
Further than just checking your clickthrough rate, you should be checking what percentage of those that clicked your email links actually moved through to the website and went on to complete the desired action – taking out a free trial, purchasing an item, or entering their details for you to get in touch. You’ll need to use unique tracking URLs to be able to track this, and integrate your email marketing platform and your web analytics.

Make sure you’re keeping an eye on your bounce rate!
These ‘bounces’ are emails that you have sent that cannot be successfully delivered to the recipients inbox. Whether these are ‘soft’ bounces, as the result of a temporary issue with a valid email address, or a hard bounce which is a closed, invalid or non-existent email address. You should always be checking your hard bounces and removing them to keep your email sender reputation up high.

Check how your list is growing over time
You want to see that the hard work that you are putting in to growing your list, so you need to be looking at the growth and loss of your email lists.  There’s always a natural decay of any email list – however good your emails are – so you need to ensure that you’re paying attention to a growing list and are keeping it a good size for

Keep an eye on your overall ROI.
As with anything in marketing, your email marketing should be overwritten at all times by an overall ROI – which is total revenue divided by total spend. You need to see which leads you re generating and the revenue you’re creating through your email marketing efforts – and work out whether email marketing is a successful marketing channel for your business.


If you need any help setting up, checking or improving your overall analytics for your email marketing efforts, Social Heroes are perfectly positioned to help. Get in touch to see how we can help you with a successful email marketing strategy today.

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Shauna is the Head of Content for Social Heroes. She has spent several years spearheading PR campaigns for giant companies in the North of the UK with incredible results.

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