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Content Marketing in 2016 and beyond. What should your brand be doing?

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Recent digital marketing research from Econsultancy and Oracle has found that 77% of companies are planning to increase their budget for content marketing during this year. So where are they spending their money?

Authentic Marketing is Key
We’re not sure that content that wasn’t genuine has ever stood a chance in the marketing sphere – especially when there’s been a series of excellent companies creating excellent content for the past few years, however, now more than ever audiences are becoming disillusioned with the advertising that they are shown and are responding more and more to genuine content that resonates.

Robotic content sharing
The thought makes us shudder, but it’s definitely creating a buzz in the marketing world. With Facebook pushing messenger bots as a customer service function, could it do well for content too? We don’t believe that robots can get it right every single day, and we don’t believe that they can always share content with individuals that they will find unique, interesting and relevant – but we’re open minded to thinking that the technology that is becoming prevalent in the marketing world will soon release something that will allow brands to share content with users automatically via a platform like Facebook messenger that audiences will enjoy.

There are already a few key examples of this working, such as HBO sending the Game of Thrones trailer to an engaged Facebook audience just after the last episode has aired in their country. The key to this is engagement and trust in the brand from the audience – with the audience trusting that the content will be useful and relevant to them, and therefore will be receptive to this. As more brands experiment, we are sure that we will find more great and unique examples of robotic content sharing working well.

2016 is the year of quality
2016 is the year of quality. Long gone are the days of ignoring the demand and getting away with the bare minimum. Content marketing in 2016 means producing fantastic content relevant to audiences, every single time, or losing out to the competition. Any content that is produced lazily, en-masse or completely ignored will start to impact negatively on the brand more than it ever has ever before.
Shareable content is key
When it comes to content creation, your content team should be creating content with social shareability in mind. Social media is becoming more and more important as a tool for interaction, with every given year, and so your content should be made with social platforms in mind. Have a look at your social analytics and ensure that you are listening to what your audience are enjoying when you look at creating anything new. It’s more important in 2016 than it ever has been to create shareable content for your social media audience to benefit from.

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