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Content Creation on Facebook – why it’s time to stop arguing against it and embrace it

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We often get asked about how content creation on Facebook works. Many clients, customers and friends alike wonder how we have managed to work out exactly what works. From the ‘What should I post?’ to the ‘When?’ and the ‘How?’ we’ve had all of them asked to us in 2016 alone – and countless times over the years.

Our answers vary, as we’re always staying at the forefront of the changes that the platforms make, but generally we’ve got one clear rule – don’t simply trust what you’ve read on a blog (no, not even ours), as good as it may be, because social media by nature is personal. Your demographic will react vastly differently to our demographic, and so you can’t always generalise what you read on the internet to your own posts without having the testing and analysis behind it to justify it.

Here are some of the key arguments that people have against using Facebook to share content with their customers, and the reasons that we think that this is harming their success.

Facebook won’t work for me – my customers aren’t on it.
We’re sorry, but we’re not buying it. We have to wonder how many businesses simply don’t use Facebook because it’s frightening, rather than because they know it won’t work for them. Facebook has 1.59 billion monthly users (December 2015), and their demographic is continuing to grow. With 1.59 billion users, we’re convinced that your audience will be using the platform in some way or another.

If it’s not obvious how to reach them, then you need to be discussing with experts, or your team, about your audience demographic and their personas, and working out how to leverage your brand on Facebook to work for them. We’d advise you to do a quick search for your competitors, just to see how other brands are working their way on social –even in really small or niche industries.

That’s great, but, it’s too time consuming for me
Now here’s a point we understand, so much so that we’ve developed a complete service to take this stress off the hands of busy business owners, but we also have learned – for those who do want to keep their social in house – just how important investing that time can be for your business. Whilst it may take several hours a week creating, curating, posting and analysing your content, you’re bound to see a payoff. When the reach soars on a post you’ve got entirely right, or users ‘react’ to a post that you’ve spent a while on with overwhelmingly positive emotion – you’ll know you’ve got it and you’ll know exactly why it’s worth it.

I’ve tried posting, and the reach I’m getting means it’s pointless
It’s easy to become disheartened, especially in the current environment which is seeing Facebook reach decreasing with the amount of posts that they now see every single day – meaning your audience timelines are being filled up quicker than ever, and meaning that brands have to do more to stand out. That doesn’t mean that you need to sit out completely – giving up before you’ve really given it a good go is the only way to ensure that you fail. Even if your posts aren’t getting ground-breaking levels of reach, you need to be thinking of your reach as an opportunity. If you have a post with a reach of 100, that’s 100 people who have seen your brand today – that wouldn’t have seen it if you hadn’t.

There’s not enough content for me to share in my industry.
We have an alternative way of thinking about this. If you’re working in a niche industry, and there isn’t much relevant content to share, you may see this as a negative. We see this as an opportunity. An opportunity to become a thought leader in your industry, to make yourself stand out amongst the crowd of competitors as the most knowledgeable, the most forward thinking and the most prominent online. Customers will be looking for your services, and if you have an active blog, then they’ll have hundreds and hundreds of posts to find you from.

We understand that starting to share content on Facebook can be scary – but it’s something that’s too worthwhile to miss out on. This is something we’ve said plenty of times before, but in 2016, it’s now really time to dispel these content myths and start to strategise your social media. To not do so, in this day and age, is to risk losing your customers to more social-savvy competitors.

Please get in touch if you need some help. Whether it’s an introductory chat, a quick question, or a more in-depth discussion about your social media – we’re here to help.


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Shauna is the Head of Content for Social Heroes. She has spent several years spearheading PR campaigns for giant companies in the North of the UK with incredible results.

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