Social Lessons Part 4 – Hootsuite

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In this next introductory blog we will be looking at Hootsuite; a tool that like LinkedIn may not share the public awareness of Facebook or Twitter but if used correctly can bring your social media strategy to life. In terms of superhero comparison Hootsuite is an X-man, needing his team … Read More

Social Lessons Part 3 – LinkedIn

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While you will have heard of Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn does not always have the same level of recognition despite having been around since 2003. If you are looking to boost your business LinkedIn can be a very important tool. LinkedIn can promote your business, acting as the professional equivalent … Read More

Social Lessons Part 2 – Twitter

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Continuing with the superhero analogy, if Superman exists as a Facebook equivalent then Twitter can be personified as The Flash. For those of you not familiar with the Flash, he is a speed demon, lightening quick and capable of reaching anywhere in the world in seconds. Twitter is no different; … Read More

Social Lessons Part 1 – Facebook

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We believe that in superhero terms Facebook exists as the social media equivalent of Superman – an all-round combination of powers and tools that can be adapted for a wide variety of purposes. Facebook’s strength lies in its simplicity and versatility. It allows you to do anything from basic advertising … Read More

Customer direction

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Your advertising campaign has been successful and things are beginning to take shape, what is the next step? The answer lies in directing your customers from your advertising to your product. This is a process that may be done in a number of ways, ranging from links in promotional material … Read More

Using social media correctly

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Social media can be a fast and inexpensive way to boost your advertising. Before commencing with your campaign a social media strategy is essential. Never fear however as the Social Heroes are here to help. Through consultation and analysis, we can create a social media campaign tailored to optimise the … Read More

Remembering your customers

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A true hero always cares about the people and the same ethos should be applied to marketing. Whilst new customers are a vital part of businesses growth, it is regular customers that create long-term success. That is why at Social Heroes we can help you create advertisements that will reach … Read More

The value of self promotion?

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Advertising is, by its very nature, self-promotion. It is always important to remember that there may be a difference in values between your business and your customers. That is why within a successful campaign it is important to balance both your products and services ensuring they receive equal attention and … Read More

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