Twitter Wars

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Please note: This post contains information that some readers may find upsetting   “With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility” – Suicide Vs Social Media Social interaction is probably one of the most prevalent and continuous flows of development in civilisation; social media is probably one of the most prevalent and continuous … Read More

Instagram your business!

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Instagram Your Business Business can benefit from many areas of input. One crucial aspect of business and increasing your consumer intake is reliant on social media. Social media outlets such as apps and services (YouTube, Foursquare, Facebook etc) are in constant development, trying to bring the public closer to businesses … Read More

PPC: Grow your business effectively

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Why Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Could Enhance Your Business Pay per click, which is also known as post per click, is an internet based advertisement model. Officially introduced in 2002, PPC is used to enable easy assessment of financial efficiency and potential profit accumulated through internet based marketing. Unlike its original predecessor … Read More

Email marketing for business: Five reasons you shouldn’t dismiss it

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Email marketing has been around us for much longer than our modern social networking sites, yet not all marketers prefers to exploit it for advertisement. In the particular case of small businesses, marketeers tend not to prefer to use email advertisement as the primary advertising method; which is a little … Read More

Technology in school

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Put away the pens, pencils, exercise books, erasers and rulers because the tablet now rules! Learning is all about connections; making connections, thinking connections and seeing connections and the classroom is the right place to make this happen. But which ‘tool’ – a brilliant medium for making connections, isn’t allowed … Read More

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