It’s Christmas Jumper Season

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We love any chance to dress up…so now it’s officially acceptable to wear a Christmas jumper we are lapping it up! With the festive season in full swing we think it’s time for you all to get the jumpers and tinsel out! It’s a proven statistic that people who wear … Read More

Pokemon X and Y: A Review

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Pokemon is a hugely popular game- based media franchise. Recently, the long awaited Pokemon X and Y game was released worldwide. Here I give my honest review of the game: The conventional Pokemon games demonstrate the player going from town to town defeating people known as ‘Gym Leaders’ (they have … Read More

Goggle-Box Brilliance

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The new series of Channel 4’s documentary GoggleBox began again recently, and having tuned in two weeks ago, upon recommendation from a friend, it became apparent to me that this documentary was quite simply, the work of a genius. The format of the documentary follows an array of families and … Read More

Breaking Blog

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Breaking Bad, so very good (Minimum Spoiler alert) The danger is over, he who knocks has reached the season finale. It was everything I and many others had long anticipated. Breaking Bad, on the 29th of September 2013 came to an end. But why did I and countless others wait with … Read More

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

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A Heroic Endorsement Like our name suggests, we are all about both heroes and social media but in this blog piece social media will be taking a backseat, as we shine the spotlight on some fellow Heroes by reviewing the pilot episode of the hottest hero show to grace the … Read More

Real Heroes

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In the 1950’s women had to be perfect mothers, obedient wives and clever homemakers. A woman’s life revolved around the house and home. The house had to be clean and tidy, the cupboard well stocked with provisions, the garden neat, clothes washed and ironed, the children neatly turned out and … Read More

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