The Wolf of Wall Street

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It was with much anticipation that I set out to watch ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ on Friday afternoon with my boyfriend -and showcasing the talents of Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese – we assumed it’s brilliance – picking to watch the aforementioned over the much acclaimed ‘12 Years a … Read More

…and i’m feeling 22!

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After being in the audience (willingly, i may add) to one of Taylor Swift’s 5 sold out tour dates at London’s 02 arena – I can now positively state that not only does Taylor Swift know how to put on an incredible show – but she is an incredibly humble, … Read More

On Taphophobia*

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“It’s a bit like being buried” said my brother, helpful as always. “I absolutely hated it”! Brilliant, just brilliant. And so it was that I found myself in a large tube with the ‘roof’ of said tube not more than six inches from the end of my nose, strapped down … Read More

The Social Heroes Guide to… Batman

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  Batman is my favourite superhero. Not an original choice, I know. Batman is probably the most recognised comic book hero out there. People without the slightest inkling about things like Lazarus Pits or the Court of Owls will go around with Batman’s symbol emblazoned on their t-shirts. I suppose … Read More

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