Technology in school

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Put away the pens, pencils, exercise books, erasers and rulers because the tablet now rules! Learning is all about connections; making connections, thinking connections and seeing connections and the classroom is the right place to make this happen. But which ‘tool’ – a brilliant medium for making connections, isn’t allowed … Read More

Digital detox

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Ever fancied switching off all devices and really getting back to nature? Scottish Highlands perhaps? Outer Mongolia? Kalahari Desert? If you feel like escaping the constant demands of technology these resorts might just help: St. Vincent and the Grenadines (Caribbean) offer a digital detox holiday package designed to free the … Read More

200m snaps

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Instagram, driven by Smartphone users, reached an important milestone this week – its 200 millionth user.   And these 200m users share up to 60m photos a day.  Since launching in 2010, some 60 billion, yes 60 billion photos have been shared.   50m users have joined Instagram in the … Read More

LinkedIn and you

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The Social Heroes guide to our social media tools is in session again, so pull up a chair and get ready to learn as we look at the somewhat overlooked tool in the social business repertoire that is LinkedIn. No love for LinkedIn? Now while you all may have heard … Read More

Social Media is here to stay

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Social Media is embedded in our everyday lives; people said it would just be a passing fancy but who would have thought a few years ago that words like ‘poke,’ ‘friend,’ ‘like’ and ‘tweet’ would be understood and used universally, without laughing? Today, almost everybody is on social media, so … Read More

Bye bye #?

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Twitter is thinking of making the hashtag and @-reply redundant which will radically alter the appearance of user feeds.  The idea behind this was to hide the ‘arcane’ glyphs whilst keeping the functionality. Twitter’s head of news, Vivian Schiller said. ‘We are working on moving the scaffolding of Twitter into … Read More

Tumblr time

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Let Social Heroes brighten your day a bit by telling you about a star in the social media world in the form of Tumblr.  It’s a little different and its niche status means it probably won’t be your primary tool, but nevertheless it can be an excellent method of promoting … Read More

It’s a woman’s world

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Despite the idea that ‘geeky’ men – think Big Bang Theory – rule the web, the reverse is actually true, women use social media more. 73% more women will have watched a full-length TV show online and women are 40% more likely to play games on Facebook.  80% of Twitter … Read More

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