How can Facebook Advertising help your business?

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Do you want to give your business the potential to reach over a billion users across the globe, complete with the capability to target your exact demographic and the ability to directly communicate with your customers? If so, it may be time to expand your marketing efforts to include Facebook advertising. … Read More

Marketing your Hotel or Attraction online

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The Isle of Wight is coined as the UK’s premier Holiday Island, and with its natural beauty, sites of national heritage and range of attractions – it’s easy to see why the Island a tourism hotspot. For those that own a business which is dependent on tourists, whether you’re a … Read More

Web design trends for 2015

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With each year, web design develops new trends. Dizzy with the prospect of the unrestricted capabilities of the internet, web designers are always trying to push the current limits, break the mould and turn websites from communication tools into pieces of artwork, too. This article will discuss some of the … Read More

Measuring your Metrics – The Value of your Social Media Marketing

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How do you measure the value of social media marketing? John Wanamaker, a department-store magnate in the late 19th century, once famously said: “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.” It’s an age-old problem that is shared by marketers across … Read More

How does Facebook’s latest ad update affect your business?

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A Facebook update has changed the way that you advertise your business Facebook has made some changes to their advertising system that will likely affect the way that you advertise your business. During March 2014, the platform introduced a new campaign structure specifically designed to help businesses more easily organise, … Read More

What are the benefits in blogging for business?

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I’m going to tell you something you’ve inevitably heard before: content is king. Whilst clear that the phrase is overused and quickly becoming a cliché, it’s still the honest truth. Companies that provide regular, interesting content have better online results than those who do not, and in today’s world – … Read More

8 Steps on how to build a basic social media marketing strategy for 2015

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It’s January 2015 already – just where did that last 12 months go? We hope that your business has enjoyed great success in 2014 and you’re looking to grow furthermore into the following year. Here at Social Heroes, we build integrated marketing plans for a number of our clients up … Read More

The Evolution of Web Design

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We are all so used to the internet and the way that it works now, that we don’t appreciate how much it has changed over the years. However if you look back to 2000 and the years between now and then you’ll see many different changes. Back in 2000 web … Read More

Twitter Wars

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Please note: This post contains information that some readers may find upsetting   “With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility” – Suicide Vs Social Media Social interaction is probably one of the most prevalent and continuous flows of development in civilisation; social media is probably one of the most prevalent and continuous … Read More

Print media & design

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Print Media   Print media, otherwise known as flyers (like the one above), business cards, posters and leaflets have found their place along-side social media management. Combining the two can create some really staggering results. Although there is an ongoing development in technology that keeps churning out new and exciting … Read More

Instagram your business!

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Instagram Your Business Business can benefit from many areas of input. One crucial aspect of business and increasing your consumer intake is reliant on social media. Social media outlets such as apps and services (YouTube, Foursquare, Facebook etc) are in constant development, trying to bring the public closer to businesses … Read More

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