Social Media Branding: The Logo

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Branding your business with the right ethos, values, product(s) and logo is one of the most important aspects of marketing – and even more so now we are living in world dominated by technology, where instantaneous information travel is the norm. But today, I ask you this – how do … Read More

The Wolf of Wall Street

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It was with much anticipation that I set out to watch ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ on Friday afternoon with my boyfriend -and showcasing the talents of Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese – we assumed it’s brilliance – picking to watch the aforementioned over the much acclaimed ‘12 Years a … Read More

…and i’m feeling 22!

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After being in the audience (willingly, i may add) to one of Taylor Swift’s 5 sold out tour dates at London’s 02 arena – I can now positively state that not only does Taylor Swift know how to put on an incredible show – but she is an incredibly humble, … Read More

Business and Branding

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Social Media is an exciting 21st century development, and can make your business both more reputable and positively recognizable in a number of ways. Furthermore social media adds a new dimension to consider in the creation of a brand. It can help to develop, sustain and project your brand to … Read More

Social Media Listening

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Here at Social Heroes, we know just how important it is for any business to utilize social media in order to gain a larger audience, more attention or more customers. However there is little point using engaging with social media, if you concurrently do not listen to your social media … Read More

Goggle-Box Brilliance

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The new series of Channel 4’s documentary GoggleBox began again recently, and having tuned in two weeks ago, upon recommendation from a friend, it became apparent to me that this documentary was quite simply, the work of a genius. The format of the documentary follows an array of families and … Read More

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