The Social Heroes Guide to… Batman

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  Batman is my favourite superhero. Not an original choice, I know. Batman is probably the most recognised comic book hero out there. People without the slightest inkling about things like Lazarus Pits or the Court of Owls will go around with Batman’s symbol emblazoned on their t-shirts. I suppose … Read More

Get what you want out of Facebook

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Looking to improve your company’s Facebook posts? Maybe you’re just not getting the kind of success you want to see. We have some handy tips to help you turn it around. Engage your audience- Encouraging your readers to comment is vital. Don’t worry too much about posing questions. It’s best … Read More

Smiley Happy Office Update

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It’s been another hectic month (is there any other kind) at Social Heroes in the run up to Christmas. We’re all settled in to our new office, and it’s huge! Check out some of the pictures on our twitter page We’ve had a re-jig of our prices and they … Read More

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