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5 things all Digital Marketers should be frightened of this Halloween

5 things all Digital Marketers should be frightened of this Halloween

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It’s that time of year again, with children in your town donning their Halloween costumes and knocking on your door asking for a trick or a treat, with coffee outlets bringing out a range of new coffees complete with pumpkin, and your neighbour’s outside lights are replaced by the orange glow of carved pumpkins. It’s Halloween, and digital marketers should have this holiday season firmly on their radar. However, what if in the true spirit of the season, something takes a frightening turn?

Here are five stories that will chill the bones of every digital marketer this Halloween:

“Your Email Could Not Be Delivered”
It’s the stuff of nightmares. Imagine spending days putting together the perfect Halloween email campaign – set with the right offers, perfect promotional codes, a wonderful image and that killer subject line, just to find that when you hit send there’s a deliverability issue.

The Social Mistake
Uh oh! You’ve posted the perfect post, it seems. You’ve spent a long time getting the right image – maybe even briefing the design to the design team, or purchasing the stock photo – and you’ve scheduled it and gone to think about the next item on your agenda. That’s when the notifications start coming in. With #awkward’s and #oops’, you realise that you’ve posted it with a SPELLING ERROR. Holloween anyone?

Mayday! Facebook is down!
It might be hard to think about, but just consider for one moment that Facebook has an error up at HQ and it shuts down completely. That means no ad sales, no social conversation and no growth. Just a big, blank spot on your weekly report where your impressions, shares, clicks and conversions should be. Can you hear us shivering from here?

The Unexpected Algorithm Update
In a move fit for a true evil villain, Google releases an immediate Algorithm update called ‘Vampire’ that will have a direct effect on your SEO – at 5pm, on a Friday. You can already see your page losing the prime ranking position that you’ve worked tirelessly on for the last few years. First, second, third… at this rate, you’ll be on the 2nd page by Monday morning. Oh the horror.

The Report Crash
Your whole day has gone well. You’ve reached your performance marketing targets, you’ve had some great conversations with influencers, and you’ve started to notice visible results from some of your newest campaigns. Your Halloween media went off without a hitch, and you’ve not had a single unsubscriber. Things are going well. Almost too well… You’re about to hit ‘save’ on the huge report that you’ve got to file with the CEO in the next ten minutes when, suddenly, you’re faced with a screen of black. In a twist of fate, a computer crash has got rid of the hours of hard work, and you’re left working against the clock with only the pen tap of an impatient CEO to keep you going.


From all of us here at Social Heroes, we wish you a Happy Halloween… and remember, marketers, stay safe!

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Shauna is the Head of Content for Social Heroes. She has spent several years spearheading PR campaigns for giant companies in the North of the UK with incredible results.

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